Our Work

Radical measures were needed to close the education gap in the society for communities well being.


Education is one of the most effective tools for changing the society. One of the major problems is extensive illiteracy in India. Education is all possible, the most influential tool required to break the malicious cycle of social problems like child labor, abuse, malnutrition, poverty, coercion, and sanitation. Literacy thus requires a lot of attention.

The VSSWA organized training courses in computer, tailoring, R & AC and Mechanical. The main objective of the training is to empower youth for having better opportunities and sustainable development. Some of our course participants have started their own businesses. VSSWA organized training courses on the advancement of technology and it’s becoming more integrated into human lives, in present days operating computers and using the Internet have become essential skills needed in the daily life.


Therefore, the Vikrama Simhapuri Social Workers Association organized training courses for the purpose of making youth familiar with computer hardware and software in general and at the same time to develop their skills in system and application software whose skills are essentially needed, including: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Formatting, Adobe Photoshop, Network and Internet browsing skills etc.When women are educated economies grow. And when they become leaders, organizations become more effective.


Children To Work

It’s required to address the reasons that force children to work, Children work mainly to help their families because the parents do not have appropriate education and employment. The situation is also reflected in the state statistics, Andhra Pradesh has about 35% child laborers as illiterate because of lacking parental education. Child labor in India has become a social norm that we accept and tolerate in our society. This exploitative and offensive practice will continue unless society adopts a nil tolerance attitude towards it. Children continue to be exploited and abused because the State and people do not address children’s issues comprehensively and effectively for the well-being of society.


We work towards identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, provide pioneering solutions, help to implement secure and quality healthcare services in target areas. Around 12 Medical camps were conducted in Nellore district.


Reproductive and child health

The main focus of VISSWA is on reproductive and child health services to the urban slum dwellers in convergence with government hospitals. The goal of the program is to bring behavior changes to empower the slum community towards health-seeking behavior, demand for better health services and health service delivery. The strategy followed is to execute the project with the involvement of the community members and community-based Organizations like SHGs at every stage of implementation. Around 11250 urban slum dwellers in Nellore city are availing outreach medical services from VISSWA since inception.

Gender Inequality

The birth of a girl child is not welcomed is a known fact. That discrimination starts even before the girl child is born and sometimes she is killed as a fetus. The world has been revolutionized by exceptional women leaders in fields. But even today, the girl child is discriminated and exploited in the society.

VSSWA aims to create a world where the girl child is celebrated and prove for what she is through education.


Empowerment Of disabled

VISSWA has launched the program to protect the rights of the disabled persons through social mobilization and institution building. The goal of the project is to empower the disabled through forming their community-based organizations (SHGs) and in turn federate at ward level and also at the town level and capacitate their strengths with various capacity building training. All the CBOs are capacitated to deliver their voice and run their institution as self-managed.

  • 102 medical certificates are accessed
  • 89 bus concession passes were accessed
  • 56 pensions were accessed.
  • 89 assistive devices were provided from government and other agencies.
  • 3 corrective surgeries were organized.
  • 28 cases were referred to various service providers.
  • 28 Children are enrolled in schools.

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