About Us


Vikrama Simhapuri Social Workers Association (VSSWA) is principally humanist, secular, non-religious, non-political development agency,  and the organization was registered as not- for- profit making society under Societies Registration act XXXV of 2001 on 04th September 2010. Vikrama Simhapuri Social Workers Association is a human-centered NGO and established by a group of young professional social workers who were highly motivated and committed to serving the society.

Vision & Mission

VSSWA believes that education, collective efforts, networking, sharing of knowledge, resources and information are a key to the success as for addressing the global developmental issues and challenges are concerned.

Basic Human Needs




VSSWA envision is “well-being of society


“To identify and educate enthusiastic youth who wants to enter into the social work field. Encourage them how to work with the people and how to  solve the social problems”
It’s what we believe will create impactful change and contribute to building a well-being society and enriches every human life being.


  1. To bring awareness & develop the poor irrespective of caste, creed, and color.
  2. To help in lighting the lives of rural people.
  3. To play an advocacy role in empowering the poor communities.
  4. To strive for improvement of literacy and educational standards among rural poor children.
  5. To work for the empowerment of youth in grass-root level in order to improve their self-dependency.
  6. To work for the improvement of health status among both rural and urban population.
  7. To protect and promote environment by involving local communities.
  8. To empower the women in both rural and urban areas.
  9. To implement activities to improve the living conditions of senior citizens.

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